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Outdoor play for young children

Hello! Look at this… a blog!

I thought I’d start by sharing some information on outdoor play in the early years. Being outside for young children is so important for their physical and mental health.

stay and play sessions for young children in nature woodland
The Site at Nature's Play

So let’s start with physical:

  • Opportunities to run, climb, balance all build strength and stamina

  • Improves fine and gross motor skills

  • Provides different sensory experiences

  • Provides vitamin D

  • Supports overall health, preventing illnesses in adulthood

Then there’s the mental health:

  • A calm and relaxed environment leads to a calm and relaxed child

  • Encourages imagination and creativity

  • Builds social skills

  • Gives sense of freedom

  • Develops self-esteem and confidence

  • Reduces anxiety and stress

  • Supports emotional skills

All of this whilst they’re learning through play. And what better environment to do it in, than a natural woodland?

And as Sir David Attenborough said “If children grow up not knowing about nature and appreciating it, they will not understand it, and if they don’t understand it, they won’t protect it, and if they don’t protect it, who will?”

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